A History of Medina, Ohio


Whether you are a resident or a visitor of the City of Medina, you’re lucky to be in such a historic location! From the Medina Historic Square District to the rural areas of the city, it is all filled with a rich and colorful history.

Before our city was named Medina, it was actually first called “Mecca.” Medina is the county seat of Medina County, which was formed in 1816. Medina’s earliest residents were mostly farmers, but due to the isolation of Medina at the time, the market for farmers’ products was almost non-existent. This all changed with the establishment of the Erie Canal in the 1830s!

Medina then began to add more churches, mills, and factories over the next four decades. The population grew from 655 in 1840 to 2,073 in 1890. Further helping to grow Medina was its new position as a railroad community, which helped to grow its agricultural trade market. Additionally, Medina was well-knowns at the time for its primary bee-hive manufacturing!

As of 2000, Medina is the largest community in the county with much of its history preserved and on display throughout the city. Today, Medina is called one of “Ohio’s Best Hometowns” thanks to Ohio Magazine!