Back to School in Medina County: Here’s What’s Happening So Far


As COVID-19 cases in Ohio continue to increase, weeks before many schools reopen, the state department of health reported an increase of hundreds of more infections and an increase in hospitalizations compared to last month, which we have not seen since April. In light of COVID-19 – the school season will begin shortly. Here are the reopening plans for some of the local school districts in Medina County, Ohio.

  • Brunswick City School District: The district has drafted a plan that would either be a full-time in-person learning option or a fully online learning option for the first five weeks of school, depending on coronavirus levels near the start of school. 
  • Buckeye Local Schools: While the plan won’t be finalized until July 30, the district will offer online-only options for all and is considering a tiered system. Check out the draft here. 
  • Cloverleaf Local School District: In-person learning and online learning options are available. School starts on Sept. 8, except for Kindergartners who begin on Sept. 11. 
  • Highland Local School DistrictThe school district is leaning toward a five-day in-person learning approach, but the plan is not entirely finalized. An online option for all students is also in the works.
  • Medina City School District: Classes resume Aug. 24, but county Risk Levels will determine if classes will meet fully in person or online. A full-on virtual learning academy is also an option. 
  • Wadsworth City School District: Currently, the district plans to offer an online option for all but plans to bring as many students as possible for in-person learning. They’re asking for parents to fill out a survey to help solidify their plan.
  • Black River School District: The district has a solidified plan in place for all grade levels that include both in-person and online instruction. The comprehensive plan can be viewed here.

Districts within our state have been planning extensively what school will look like with coronavirus still a threat. Returning to school during the pandemic may not feel normal. Having safety plans and ensuring schools have the resources needed to follow them –​ will help protect students, teachers, staff, and families. ​