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Getting Your Home Ready for Fall


Ready or not, here Fall comes! Most people prepare for the Fall months by getting a head start on Halloween decorations. But you can also prepare now by getting your home in shape! Doing so can retain your home’s resale value and potentially even give you a bigger ROI when you’re ready to sell.

Start with the Windows.

Begin by checking out your home’s windows. Has there been a chill next to certain windows or condensation on the glass? If yes, it’s time to replace those windows. By replacing the older windows, you can also cut down on your heating and cooling costs!

Next, Check the Furnace.

The furnace is an essential element during the cold winter months. It’s worth it to take a few minutes and evaluate if your furnace is up to speed and ready for the colder temperatures. Maintenance of your furnace will help it continue to run efficiently.

Now onto the Gutters.

On your home’s exterior, make sure that the gutters are clean and make any necessary repairs. Gutters protect the home by preventing a buildup of debris, allowing water, leaves, and twigs to flow smoothly away from your home.

Lastly, Tidy Your Yard.

Keeping your yard picked up will help prepare your lawn for winter and preserve it for spring! This includes raking leaves, trimming bushes, and cleaning out the flower beds.

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