Interior Design Outlooks in 2020


The contemporary home and how people choose to live is constantly changing. This year, we’re seeing the introduction of the use of multi-functional spaces, warm color palettes, and mixed metal accents. The new decade is the beginning of marrying design and functionality within your living space!

Previously, interior design and practicality were not two terms that had a similar meaning. For example, a living room or kitchen was not an area that was commonly used for entertaining, whereas now a chic and comfortable space is mainstream. Open-concept floorplans are very popular adjoining areas for social gatherings. Living room furniture is cozy and soft while kitchen islands have evolved into larger structures supporting conversation at various get-togethers.

Color and comfort now go hand-in-hand. In the last decade, cool tones such as grey and neutrals were a prominent theme. Warm tones such as chive, faded denim, and cinnamon stick are current staples. Dark wood accents with cabinetry or flooring provide an added appeal when re-designing an interior space.

Finally, the use of mixed metals adds a unique personal touch. Mixed metals can be incorporated with the use of hardware such as faucets, handles, or a piece of art. Celebrate the beginning of the new decade by incorporating a few of these design trends. A new splash of color will add excitement to your home!