My Expert Real Estate Advice Featured on HomeLight


I have exciting news to share! I was recently interviewed by HomeLight, a wonderful resource to find top agents, search home for sale, receive a home estimate, and so much more. HomeLight asked for my advice on two topics: How to make an offer a Seller can’t refuse, and things to watch out for if you are purchasing an older home. Below you can read the introductions of the articles, and then click to read the entire article on HomeLight if you’re interested!

How to Make an Offer on a House That the Seller Can’t Refuse

Finding your dream home and preparing to make an offer is an exciting and stressful time. While it technically started with getting pre-approved for a mortgage and looking at houses, it often doesn’t feel official until your agent submits an offer letter.

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Good Bones or Money Pit? How to Buy the Right Older Home for You

Historic homes appeal to homebuyers who dream of living in a unique home. But if you turn that dream into a reality without knowing what you’re getting into, you could find yourself living in a nightmare. Common problems in older homes result from deferred maintenance, poorly executed repairs, and older building materials, and fixing them can be expensive.

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