Spring and Summer 2020 Landscaping Trends


People all over are beginning to pay more attention to the quality of their landscape design and outdoor spaces! The appeal of a well-maintained, outdoor space—for a backyard party or any other occasion—is almost universal, but as with anything else, trends come and go. Let’s take a look at a few of the landscaping trends for spring and summer.

Begin with a simple design strategy. Minimalistic layouts with contemporary design trends are leading the way in landscaping details. Keeping it simple and not over-complicating your outside space is the advice given by landscape architects. Select native plants that can survive in different climates or consider having greenery that can last multiple seasons while supporting efforts to remain sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Next, incorporate a hardscape by adding stone, concrete, and other elements to your outdoor space. Chevron, lattice, and basket weave patterns can be added to walkways or retaining walls. Adding these small touches will help enhance the appearance of your newly transformed landscape. Adding seating areas are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space for holidays, birthdays, or small family gatherings. Finally, ensure that your yard is well lit. Outdoor lighting has become more important to highlight key features in your landscape.

When creating your outdoor space, embrace your style. Taking a trip to a botanical garden is a great way to dive into the beauty of plants and take a time out from the pressures of the real world. Also, when you visit local gardens, you’ll get plenty of great ideas for plants to add to your own garden!