Spring Home Decor Trends in Medina County

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Is your home in need of an update this spring? The trend in home design is authenticity or the unique design scheme that makes your home stand out from the rest! This year, we’re going to see some unusual materials and meticulously crafted furnishings and architecture. Let’s take a look at a few more of the trends that are going to be popular this season below!

Open concept homes began to become more so mainstream towards the end of the decade and are at the forefront of trends in home design. When selecting colors for your interior walls, make a bold selection such as black or navy with white accent walls for contrast. Wood floors are still the best option, but instead of a lighter washed wood, darker wood is making a statement that will give your space a sense of warmth and comfort. Depending on your design scheme, whether it is contemporary, mid-century, or bohemian chic – lighting fixtures set the overall tone of your home during day and evening hours. Mixed metals are a common choice for light fixtures inspired by industrial design combining old world glamour with modern elegance.

Integrating unusual design elements to create a strong visual narrative will make your home a conversation piece. After the decision about your framework has been made, it is time to decide about your home furnishings. Comfort is key when selecting your home décor. Depending, if you frequently entertain in your home, make sure that your furniture will easily adapt to your lifestyle to suit your needs. In the past, furniture was supposed to match color-wise perfectly. Now that the rules have changed, you can incorporate this trend without breaking tradition entirely. Consider having a solid color sofa in your seating area with brightly colored chairs. Or add drama to your dining table by alternating chairs according to style or pattern.

The beginning of the decade was a fresh start into bold and unusual design choices in home décor. Embrace this trend and discover a new creative side of yourself – an interior designer!