The Home Inspection Process: What You Should Know if You’re Buying a Home


Are you getting ready to start the home-buying process? If so, you’re going to want to know a little bit about home inspections! A general home inspection is recommended and sometimes required when you are purchasing a home. They are designed to tell you, as the prospective future homeowner, about any areas in the home that are not quite up to par or that may need repairs.

Basically, they point out all the imperfections and potential problems the home has. The home inspector is a certified & licensed (starting on November 2019 in the State of Ohio) individual that will check the home’s foundation, including the basement, the inside plumbing and electric, and the condition of the windows, doors, and floors. An inspector can also examine additional areas of the home at the buyer’s request.

It is recommended that buyers attend the property inspection. During the inspection, buyers can ask questions and consider the advice given by the inspector. After the inspection has been completed, be sure that you receive a copy of the inspection report. If the property is no longer desirable, as the buyer, you may have the option to walk away from the purchase after the inspection.

Home inspections can be an overwhelming experience because there are many aspects of a property to consider. However, a home inspection is a necessary component of the home buying process, one that can avoid a lot of headache and trouble in the long run! Home Inspections are intended to protect you, the buyer.

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